Short Stories

Hanging Garden Stories
For three years, I wrote stories for The Hanging Garden, a group blog of short fiction accompanied by GIFs.

Hunter, Warrior, Seamstress (August 2016)
Lists I Left for My Sister (June 2016)
A Guide for Young Ladies Entering the Service of the Fairies (March 2016)
The Sun and Other Stars (January 2016)
Perfect World (October 2015)
Rules for Riding the Storm (June 2015)
Titanomachy (May 2015)
Cut Her Out In Little Stars (March 2015)
Of the Death of Kings (January 2015)
Don’t Look (October 2014)
But World Enough and Time (September 2014)
Ways of Being a Mermaid’s Daughter (August 2014)
Good Night, Sweet Prince (May 2014)
Situation Normal (March 2014)
Desires and Dreams and Powers (January 2014)

Other Stories

The Lamps Thereof Are Fire and Flames | Uncanny Magazine, March/April 2015
The second queen forbade any telling of tales or writing of histories.

Apotheosis | Black Gate Magazine, Spring 2011 | Lightspeed Magazine, 1/7/14
The people of Ipu needed a god.
(Also read the Author Spotlight.)

And Her Eyes Sewn Shut With Unicorn Hair | Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 7/14/2011
Why should she hope to see a unicorn now, when she never had in all her life?

More Full of Weeping Than You Can Understand | Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 10/07/2010
Sometimes she thought she had only realized she wasn’t human when she was fourteen. Sometimes she thought she had always known. (Also available as a podcast)

Transcription | Dappled Things, Easter 2010
Illuminated letters cup / A distillation of the world. (Poem)

Textual Variants | Strange Horizons, 05/29/06
“Nothing,” said Logan, “is the least acceptable thing.”

Broken | Strange Horizons, 05/31/04
Her voice wavered. “I mean, I can’t even keep a B average, and they want me to save the world. I’d be an absolute loser of a hero.”